5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Farmhouse Kitchen


Authentic country kitchens were usually adorned with a large island or farmhouse table as a place to perform food-related tasks, eat meals, and gather, per Ideal Home. The outlet advises filling the space with an oversized piece for oversized charm if possible, noting that there should be at least 36 inches of clearance around it to keep traffic flowing. Islands that accommodate stools provide additional seating and an invitation to keep the cook company. Those topped with soapstone or marble and finished with furniture-style details like corbels and turned legs will add a refined element. Tinplate and butcher block trays are more rustic. A salvaged store counter or distressed farmhouse table adds real country charm.

Of course, these pieces of furniture offer many functions in addition to their aesthetics, and that is precisely why they have endured. Islands offer storage, appliance placement, seating, and counter space, among other perks, while a large table accommodates food prep, homework, crafts, and family time . Add humble fabrics and classic patterns – cotton and linen, gingham and ticking – with a tablecloth, placemats or chair cushions. Whatever its decoration, a country table is the symbol of a warm and welcoming home.


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