5 reasons why you should consider a galley kitchen


Courtesy of Nils Finne of AIA FINNE Architects

Seattle-based architect Nils Finne designs luxury homes with kitchens that cost six figures. These elaborate kitchen layouts come in L, U and G shapes, but for his own home, Finne chose the simple galley kitchen – a parallel layout with most major appliances lined up to one side.

Finne enjoys cooking in his 25-foot-long kitchen, which features textured Alaskan cedar cabinets, walnut and limestone countertops, and a comfortable window seat.

“I’ve been designing homes for over 30 years and I’ve done kitchens of all sizes and shapes, but I think the kitchen of the kitchen is something that everyone seems to react to very positively,” Finne says. , 69 years old. “It’s a very effective layout.

The galley’s origins can be traced back to sailing ships, where the efficient design minimized the amount of walking the ship’s crew had to do while rocking at sea. These days, you can find versions of the distinctive design from the kitchen in the studios and the sumptuous domains.

Whether you’re downsizing, renovating, building a brand new home, or planning to live in an apartment, there are plenty of reasons to opt for an open-plan kitchen.

1. Everything is at your fingertips

Home builders often design expansive kitchens because some believe that bigger is better and a massive room wrapped in cabinetry is nice to look at. Maybe, but bigger isn’t necessarily better for cooking or entertaining.

“Sometimes you experiment with larger kitchen layouts and then find that you’re increasing the amount of walking you do,” says Finne. “I think the closeness and kind of compactness of the type of kitchen layout is very appealing.”

The kitchen layout is even more efficient than the kitchen triangle, which requires the main work areas – sink, stove and refrigerator – to be at least 4 feet apart and no more than 9 feet apart, allowing a counter space in between.

With the open-plan kitchen, you still have easy access to your stove, fridge and sink, says Wayne Visbeen, 61, of Visbeen Architects in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but the design narrows and simplifies your range of motion. “So your triangle is reduced to almost a straight line,” he says. “Everything is near.”

2. It offers ample storage space

A well-designed American kitchen will take up less space while offering plenty of storage. In fact, you can fit as many cabinets in a long kitchen as in a U-shaped kitchen.

“The first myth is that it’s not big enough and you can’t fit all your stuff in there,” says Finne. But in a renovation, it is possible to extend the length of the kitchen by incorporating adjacent storage space, such as a pantry. “I think it can accommodate absolutely anything,” he adds.

Long kitchens can be customized to provide a number of storage solutions, such as vertical cooking racks, an under-counter microwave or beverage fridge, and plate warming drawers.


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