43 Weird Things For Your Home That Are Clever AF On Amazon


The weirder something looks on my Facebook or Twitter feed, the more likely I am to click on it. If nothing else, I’ll share it with a friend or two for a hearty giggle. Imagine my surprise when I click on something that looks super odd only to find out it’s actually a very clever home product. Then, I look at the price and so many times — and this is especially true while shopping on Amazon — and drop it in my cart if it’s inexpensive. Who would have thought a laugh could quickly turn into a sale?

Another great part of finding weird things on Amazon is reading the reviews. The witty comments get me giggling, but the wealth of information helps me make an informed decision on whether or not it’s worth my time to try. (More often than not, it is.) There’s a world of weird, yet functional and fun products on Amazon. For example, if you’re a deep sleeper you might need this rolling, shaking and all-around annoying alarm clock in your life. It’s simply determined to wake you up. Or if you look at cats as not just a pet and family member, but also a home design theme, this cute corkscrew is calling for you.

Take a walk with me through the weird and totally clever side of Amazon where you can find cool new stuff for your house.


This Abstract Sink Splash Guard That Protects Your Clothes

If you ask me, the worst part of doing dishes are the accidental splashes that often hit your clothes. This sink guard may look a little odd, but it keeps those splashes from happening. The silicone construction sticks to most countertops without adhesive, and the wave pattern allows for effortless movement as you wash. You can choose from pink, teal, or two shades of gray.


A Foot Scrubber That’s Like a Car Wash For Your Feet

Slip your feet inside these foot scrubbers for an all-over clean while you shower. Suction cups keep them in place, and a thoughtfully placed pumice stone helps smooth out rough spots and calluses. This set has vents on the bottom to keep mold and mildew away, and there’s one for each foot.


A Mini Table Vacuum That Is Cute As A (Lady)Bug

It’s cute, and it cleans. This mini table vacuum is just the right size to handle little messes, whether that’s glitter from crafting, hair from a hairbrush, or even kitty litter. The charming exterior hides a powerful motor; place it on a desk or keep it on your counter for ready use.


These Lightsaber Chopsticks That Make Dinner A Little More Fun

Bring the Force to your dinner table with this fun set of lightsaber chopsticks. Each pair lights up, so you can battle back against your takeout. The set is BPA-free, and it comes with a Millennium Falcon bottle-opening keychain, creating an ideal gift for franchise fans.


This Grippy Jar Opener That Works On 8 Jar Sizes

This versatile jar opener is a meal prepper’s lifesaver. It works on eight different jar sizes and grips tightly to release suction and pop lids off in a jiffy. An ergonomic handle is easy to grip and fits even the smallest hands. Stash this opener in a drawer or on a hook to always have it handy.


A Makeup Tower That Is Perfect For Organizing Lipstick Or Glosses

I can never find my favorite lip gloss when I’m looking for it. This angled organizing tower keeps that from happening. It fits on a dresser or a bathroom counter — if you’ve got the space — and offers room for up to 28 of your favorites. The unique shape can be placed upright, sideways or flat to maximize its use.


This Colorful Night Light That Illuminates Your Toilet

Guide guests to the facilities with the brilliant colors of this toilet night light. So seemingly silly, this seat light is actually pretty clever if you think about it. The motion sensor lights up brilliantly when it detects movement from within 5 feet for subtle nighttime illumination. Best of all, there’s no switch. It turns off automatically after two minutes.


This Pancake Pan With Molds That Make Eating Fun

Delight the guests at your brunch table with this pancake pan. Fun molds — in your choice of animals or smiley faces — add a touch of whimsy to each pancake. The wells are the ideal size for fried eggs, too, or a side of sausage. It’s lightweight for effortless lifting and comes with a spatula to make flipping easy.


A Set Of Bug Zappers That Makes A Game Out Of Catching Pests

Win match point in your war with mosquitoes and other bugs when you have this set of bug zapper rackets. They’re each rechargeable and plug into standard USB outlets, providing up to 10,000 zaps with just one charge. A built-in LED helps guide your way at night. One reviewer shared, “They’re very satisfying to use.”


These Expandable Pot Holders For Small Plates Or Stock Pots

Use these terrific trivets under hot pots or plates to help protect the surface beneath them. The simple design swings out to expand and then folds neatly in for storage. They’re also made from food-grade silicone to keep pans in place. Take them out of the kitchen for use as plants stands and cellphone holders.


A Rhinoceros Sharpener That Is Ready For All Your Kitchen Knives

He might look a little weird standing on your counter, but this rhinoceros knife sharpener really does the job. Reviewers say all it takes is one or two swipes between his horns to keep your chef, santoku, and pairing knives in perfect slicing and dicing condition. He’s available in green or charcoal.


These Oven Rack Shields That Keep Your Hands From The Heat

A smart solution has finally arrived for bakers who use multiple racks. These silicone oven shields help keep your hands protected from heat when you go for the bottom rack. They’re 14 inches long to cover most edges, and they can be used together or cut down for custom sizing. Simply slide them into place.


This Small Chopper That Makes It Easy To Slice Cherry Tomatoes & Grapes

Chopping small vegetables and fruits is a really thankless task. That’s why I was so excited to see this vegetable slicer that’s well-suited to the task. Three simple steps — load, slide, and pour — create perfectly portioned cherries, grapes, and other small veggies for your salads, trays, and desserts.


A Rolling Alarm Clock That Refuses To Let You Fall Back Asleep

Sure it’s annoying, but this alarm clock on wheels is totally effective in getting you out of bed. It shakes, rolls, beeps, and hides so you can’t hit the snooze, and the large rubber wheels work on most flooring. Put this clock in your cart and while you may not thank me for it, you’ll be glad you did.


This Temperature-Sensing Faucet Light That Looks As Good As It Works

Add really cool lighting to your bathroom or kitchen sink with this temperature-sensitive faucet light. No batteries are required for simple operation. The light is blue when cool, green when warm, and then flashes red as the water temps rise. It even installs easily with most standard faucets.


A Memory Foam Support Pillow That Helps Align Your Neck & Spine

Finding a comfortable sleeping position — especially if you’re a back or side sleeper — just got a whole lot easier with this memory foam orthopedic pillow. “A must have for neck or shoulder pain,” one reviewer shared. It’s shaped specifically to support your neck and spine so you can wake up feeling refreshed, and it’s encased with a hypoallergenic fabric.


This Collector-Quality Museum Putty That Keeps Your Decorative Items In Place

Got a precocious pup or a curious kitten, and you’re worried about your heirloom vase collection? No worries, because this museum putty can hold your stuff in place. The non-damaging formula makes it ideal for use on walls or wood shelving. Simply stick it in place and mount your precious pieces. It’s reusable, too.


This Stretching Cat That Opens Your Wine Bottles With Ease

Speaking of cats, you simply must check out (and then purchase) this adorable cat corkscrew if you’ve got them in your life. The tail is actually a foil cutter, and the body flips open to reveal an easy-to-use corkscrew. When you’re done serving, fold this double-hinged wine key kitten up and display him on your countertop.


A Tea Bag Squeezer That Makes The Most Out Of Every Bag

Make every drop count and eliminate messes with this simple tea bag squeezer. It works like tongs, so it’s easy to grab your tea bag when it’s done steeping and give it a solid squeeze. No more having to wrap the string around your mug handle — it’s so simple. The stainless steel construction lasts forever, too.


A Set Of Citrus Peelers For Oranges & Grapefruits

Way back in the day, my grandmother had a citrus fruit peeler. I’ve never been able to find one similar, and now I’ve found a set of six. One end is a scorer, and the other end helps you peel the skin off with minimal “white stuff” left behind. No more messy hands.


These Drain-Cleaning Tools That Really Do Get The Hair Out

There’s nothing worse than a clogged drain in your shower, but it’s typically a fact of life. This handy little tool reaches into your drain and removes all the hair and gunk without having to call a plumber. It’s made of sturdy plastic and has rough edges toward the bottom to help remove whatever is causing the blockage.


This Stick-On Bedside Shelf That Eliminates The Need For A Nightstand

I’m a minimalist at heart, and the idea of swapping my nightstand for this wall-mounted bedside shelf has me happy. There’s a large pocket for your phone and glasses, while the smaller pocket is ideal for keys or your AirPod holder. Hang up your headphones or a favorite necklace on the built-in hooks.


A 5-in-1 Kitchen Tool For Grabbing, Flipping & So Much More

With this multifunction kitchen tool in your drawer, you can get rid of at least five others that are taking up space. The ergonomic design is easy to grip, and the generous claws are ideal for everything from flipping delicate fish to picking up pasta strands. Pick from black or orange.


This Handy Food Storage That Strains & Drains Your Condiments

Keep forks and fingers out of the jar when you store pickles, olives, and other condiments in this clever storage container. It’s an ample size to hold homemade or store-bought foods, and it’s versatile for everything from fruits to mushrooms and so much more. Just remove the top and lift the handle for super-simple straining and serving.


This Amazing Knife That Spreads The Coldest Butter

Spread love (and butter) not tears across your toast with this nifty butter knife. Tiny holes along one edge make it easy to curl up even the coldest butter, while the serrated side helps spread it across your slice. The blade is balanced to fit easily in your hand, and the sturdy construction ensures years of breakfasts and brunches.


A Quick-Defrosting Tray That Makes Up For Forgetting To Pull Out Meat For Dinner

Make up for meal prep mistakes with this quick-defrosting tray that uses simple science to thaw frozen meats fast. An aluminum thawing plate evenly conducts warmth across the surface for thawing of even thick steaks and chicken breasts in just 30 to 60 minutes. Silicone coating is safe for your food, and the mat is dishwasher-safe.


This Stunning Lamp That Brings The Moon To Your Room

With over 9,000 five-star ratings, you must have this moon lamp on a table or shelf. A perfect replica of the moon’s surface is 3-D printed for a stunning statement piece. Tap control lets you change the color from white to yellow, offering gentle illumination. This lamp is wireless and rechargeable for clutter-free display.


A Simple Egg Separator That Rests On The Edge Of The Bowl

Balance this egg separator on the edge of a bowl for perfect results with every crack. The nonslip construction stays in place, and the raised edge makes it easy to crack an egg one-handed. It’s a generous size to keep shells out of your recipes.


This Colorful Knife Set That Takes On Every Kitchen Cutting Task

This stunning set of knives combines beautiful landscapes with color-coded handles, creating a working work of art for your knife block. The 54 Rockwell hardness delivers lasting use through a multitude of cooking tasks. This set includes everything from a paring knife to a carving knife and santoku knife, making it an amazing housewarming gift.


This Waterproof Note Pad That Tracks Your Best Ideas

Sometimes you get the greatest ideas in the strangest of places — like the shower. This waterproof notepad lets you catch that idea and write it down before it’s washed away. Forty sheets provide space for brainstorming, and the sheets dry completely legible. It comes with a pencil and sticks to your shower wall with suction cups.


A Set Of Stainless Steel Soap Bars That Remove Strong, Unwanted Kitchen Odors

The scent of a well-chopped onion or a garlic clove can stick on your hands for hours after you’ve cooked. This pack of stainless steel soap bars eliminates the unwanted odor with a simple scrub — no lather needed. Use it as you would a regular bar of soap and smell the science work as odors are neutralized.


This Taco Shell Tool That Makes Crispy Shells In Your Toaster

I admit, the idea of a taco shell toaster seemed a little excessive at first — but a trip through Amazon reviews has me convinced. Ideal for corn tortillas, this gadget holds them in place and pops in your toaster for even heating and crisp results. You can leave the frying pan in your cupboard.


This Swiveling Cheese Board That’s Great For ‘Star Wars’ Fans

Got a charcuterie-loving Star Wars fan among your group of friends? This Star Warsinspired cheese set makes a totally terrific gift. The laser-etched Death Star cover offers ample space for a spread and swivels out of the way to reveal a serving set beneath. It’s a perfect combination of the Dark Side and gourmet goods.


A Full-Function Cutting Board That Comes With Containers

Prep your ingredients for salads or snacks and keep them all contained with this bamboo cutting board. Move the compartments as you chop and slice, and then store them underneath until you’re ready to assemble. A juice groove around the board keeps the mess contained, and the durable bamboo construction cleans up easily.


This Elegant Glass Watering Spray Bottle That Cares For Delicate Leaves

Maintain your collection of houseplants with the pretty profile of this glass watering spray bottle. It’s ideal for meeting the misting demands of succulents and orchids. Simply pump and spray for effortless care. With a vintage-style profile, this bottle looks great sitting next to your plants.


This Tiny Essential Oil Diffuser You Can Take Anywhere For Sweet-Scented Air

Bring your relaxation with you in this pocket-sized oil diffuser. There’s no water needed — simply place a few drops of your favorite oil on the pad. The wireless design is rechargeable, or you can plug it in via USB. This diffuser comes with replacement pads for long-term use.


A Cereal Bowl That Never Lets Your Breakfast Get Soggy

This funny-looking bowl serves a very functional purpose: keeping your cereal crisp and delicious. Fill one side with your favorite cereal and the other side with milk. Dunk each spoonful when you’re ready for crunch in every bite. A built-in grip makes this bowl easy to handle on movie nights on the sofa.


A Cute Cloud For Your Wall That Hangs Onto Your Keys

The sky’s the limit (almost) when it comes to what you can hang from this cloud-shaped magnetic key holder. Strong adhesive mounts it to a door, wall, or file cabinet, and three magnets help hold keys, scissors, clippers, or other small metallic items in place.


This Whisk Wiper That Actually Comes With The Whisk

Mix without the mess when you have this whisk-cleaning tool. Besides keeping your whisk clean and ready for use, it keeps it up off the counter between mixing tasks. The simple design slides over the loops, ensuring each one gets clean. An ideal gift, this wiper — in five color options — even comes with a whisk.


A Laptop Cooling Pad That You Can Adjust For Comfortable Viewing

Keep cool and carry on with this slim laptop-cooling pad. USB power eliminates excess cords, and the three powerful fans help keep your computer from overheating. It even lights up if you wish; adjust this stand for comfortable viewing. With a lightweight mesh construction and nonskid strip, this clever pad is ideal for travel.


A Cup Holder That Hangs Out With You On The Couch

Keep your movie night refreshments close at hand with this one-size-fits-all sofa cup holder. The silicone body molds to fit just about any arm design, and weighted ends keep it in place. Remove the insert and you’ve got a handy spot (with a cutout) that can hold your coffee mug. This holder comes in four colors.


These Solar-Powered Garden Lights That Bring Bright Color To Your Yard

Bring brilliant bursts of colorful light to your garden paths or landscaping with this set of solar garden lights. Fiber optics deliver a delicate arcing effect through seven bright hues, and the solar-powered design requires no batteries. Simply set them up in your yard, and wait for night to fall.


These Self-Watering Hanging Planters That Require Minimal Assistance

Let your plants water themselves with this set of two hanging planters. Included coconut coir disks help retain water for balanced watering, and the drain at the bottom removes excess rain water for healthier roots. These pots are 8 inches in size, making a pretty statement on your porch or in your home.


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