40 gifts for candle lovers


Christmas tree candles

Oh, the sweet smell of burning snowmen and Christmas trees! It’s not like we know exactly what burning snowmen would smell like, but if your goal is to get into the Christmas spirit, these candles are a steal. With so many styles and colors to choose from, these handmade candles are 100% natural and smokeless. Get it from Etsy

Candlestick with glass holder

This little Christmas miracle is well worth the effort. Patterns around the metal frame of the stand allow the flame to illuminate different patterns wherever it is placed. There is no wrong place in decorating for this item. Get it from Etsy

The small town candlestick

Ahhh, Christmas spirit! Candlelight and Christmas Eve go together like a house on fire. Although it’s just an expression, this small town of clay can contain anything. Above your shelf, just under the Christmas tree on the dining table, this illuminated city is a Christmas gift for a candle lover. Get it from Etsy

giant lantern

SSimple yet exquisite, this three-piece lantern is suitable for both decorations and outdoors. Sit in the backyard or in a log cabin on a holiday retreat with this lantern and have a great time. The shiny gold plating will match the gold of your Christmas tree while the glass highlights your candle. Get it from Etsy

wooden christmas lantern

“The Little Town of Bethlehem” got hotter. We cannot recommend this piece enough. It has the whole nativity of the Christmas story lit by a central lit candle. This wooden piece is just perfect for table decoration. Get it from Etsy

Santa Claus candle holder


What better place to put candles for Christmas than on Santa’s head? He’ll be coming down the chimney later anyway, so might as well start the party early. You light the candle and put it on his head. As a decorative element, it fits perfectly into the Christmas mood. Get it from Amazon

Vintage Silver Christmas Reindeer

Do you have a burning question? Don’t ask us; Ask Rudolph here or Dasher or any of them. This majestic silver-nosed deer is proudly the star. With antlers that can hold up to six candles, Christmas decoration for candle lovers doesn’t get more exquisite than this. It is also a super rare item, so we advise you to get it as soon as possible. Get it from Etsy

White and gold candlesticks

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without white and gold and that makes this set of candle holders worth the effort. Made of fine bone china, these warm and shiny candle holders can hold a candle for any existing object. If you like the dark aesthetic, you can opt for darker colors. The supports are dark and they flow in the dark. Get it from Etsy


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