3 perfect bedrooms to add focal points


You don’t have to be a design expert to create an inviting living space, but with a few simple tips, you can create a home that looks like it was designed by a pro.

One way to make a room more welcoming and comfortable is to identify a focal point to anchor the decor and create a natural and beautiful flow. Without a focal point, a space can seem awkward and disjointed.

These inspiring ideas for using focal points in three popular living spaces can add comfort and beauty to make you feel right at home.


Heart of the house, the kitchen deserves special attention to make it a warm space where you can enjoy spending time. Depending on your design, you’ll find there are many ways to incorporate a focal point into a kitchen, whether it’s bold cabinetry, an island with a natural stone countertop, or appliances. remarkable appliances that stand out.

Wall space is also a smart place to grab visual attention. An accent wall is an option if you have the space, but the backsplash is another place where you can make a big impact.


The main function of a fireplace is to provide warmth, but it is also a perfect element to use to create a focal point that exudes comfort and style. Make your fireplace stand out while adding an intimate touch by using brick or stone.

As an alternative, you can accent a fireplace with a bold wall treatment. Floor-to-ceiling brick or stone converts a medium wall into an eye-catching focal point, giving a room a natural, yet striking edge.

From handmade bricks to glazed bricks and everything in between, Glen-Gery’s line of over 600 brick and stone products offers a wide range of colors, textures and sizes, giving homeowners the flexibility to choose from. highlight their focal points while reflecting the aesthetic of their desired design.


It might be one of the smallest living spaces in a home, but the bathroom sees enough traffic to make it a visually appealing place. Even with a small footprint, the bathroom has plenty of options for a focal point, from intricate wall material to vibrant light fixtures and everything in between. Given their relative size, the shower or tub can be a practical focal point; vanity offers a similar appeal. If you prefer a scaled-up but equally punchy approach, consider showcasing a smaller element, like a gorgeous sink, or an unexpected element like a brick or stone accent wall.

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Create a look that suits you

Your home, and more particularly its style, should reflect your personality. Consider a few ways to get started:

Set the mood

Pay special attention to the overall ambience and atmosphere you want to create for your home, both inside and out. Consider contrasting options like a sleek, modern masterpiece or a relaxing coastal-inspired sanctuary. Weighing these types of options helps point you in the right direction to find the perfect color scheme and textures.

Moodboard magic

Check out magazines and online resources like social media and design blogs to find ideas and styles that suit you. Navigate freely and dream big at first, but be sure to review regularly to identify a common thread. Ultimately, it can help you express exactly what you want. You can also explore how different products work in your home using a virtual designer, such as Picture Perfect by Glen-Gery.

The real deal

To get a real feel for your new space, visit model homes and design centers, and take a close and critical look at the colors and materials used. It can give a tangible idea of ​​how these styles can work in your home.


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