2022 COMFEE Retro Microwave Small Oven Review


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It might sound a little strange, but I didn’t own a microwave for nearly seven years before moving into my last apartment, where my roommate had one. It was incredibly awkward, but kind of by design, since my default setting is “sitting on the couch and compulsively inhaling microwaveable food”, or whatever the chain-smoking equivalent of frozen burritos is. Not having Chef Mike around has also helped me cook with whole ingredients, learn different cooking techniques, and enjoy restaurants a lot more. However, when I finally got a microwave back, I couldn’t imagine going back to living without it.

I just moved in with my girlfriend, and her former roommate took over the microwave, so that was the first thing to do when the lease was signed. After being out of the microwave buying game for a while I was a little shy about dropping over $200 on a top model – especially since these tend to be larger in size, and ideally (since I live in Brooklyn) I’d like to fit my microwave inside my kitchen, and not the reverse. Luckily, I came across a cute retro-looking model that fits perfectly in the corner of my counter. Introducing: the COMFEE small retro microwave oven.

Watch: At the end of the day, a microwave should be able to heat up properly the thai food you ordered at 3:45 your healthy frozen meals, and this one, unequivocally, does. However, it’s also a plus if they look cool doing it. For people who love that vintage device look, you can’t go wrong with the COMFEE’. Not only does it have that 1950s-style handle and colorblock paint job (I have the cream, but it also comes in blue and red), but right now it’s over 20% off. I really like the size of this suction cup, and at only 14.1 inches by 17.3 inches by 10.2 inches, it’s about the size of three large toasters, which isn’t bad , especially considering how much you’ll be using it.

The little device also has 10 power levels, defrost by weight and time, energy-saving eco mode, mute button (no more waking everyone up at night when you try heating a Hot Pocket), a clock and a kitchen timer. In addition, all buttons have their meaning clearly indicated when you open the door. My favorite part, though, is the knob – it’s very easy to turn to the right time setting, and you never have to worry about accidentally setting your mic to 30 minutes when you meant to set it to 30 seconds .


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