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Occupation: Vice President, Branch Manager, Credit Officer at Scott State Bank in Mount Zion

Family: My wife, Lindsey, is an accountant with ADM. We got married in April 2007. Our son, Knox, is 8 years old and a second year student at Mount Zion.

Career Highlights and / or Achievements: Hired in 2006 as a Loan Officer and Assistant Vice President working at our Niantic site. November 2009 moved to our Decatur offices next to the conference center and the Decatur hotel. In September 2013, promoted to Branch Manager of Scott State Bank’s new location in Mount Zion. Summer 2019 promoted to Vice President of Scott State Bank.

I sit on the ALCO committee, the compliance committee and the loan committee of the bank. I’m the CRA agent for Scott State Bank. I also handle the mortgage disclosure submission for Scott State Bank.

I take out all types of loans – commercial, agricultural, consumer, residential and commercial real estate

Community participation: Treasurer of the Macon County 4H Foundation and Extension, Mayor of Mount Zion and Member of the Mount Zion Chamber of Commerce.

What should the community do to attract more young people to the area? We must continue to work with not only the major employers in Macon County, but all employers in Macon County to find ways to locate them in our community, retain them in our communities, or help them develop in our communities. communities. The more jobs we create in Macon County, the more young people we can attract.

We also need to continue to give people a reason to stay in the community once they move here. Over the past few years it has been wonderful to see the revitalization of downtown Decatur which helps attract people to shop and eat. The Devon Amphitheater is a big draw for people right now, but it brings people from other areas to Macon County to spend their money in our communities.

Continue to promote outdoor activities in local parks and walking trails. Mount Zion has Fletcher Park and Spitler Woods, which provide a great place to spend a great day outdoors and get some exercise.

The Village of Mount Zion will be adding a Splash Pad to Fletcher Park for families to enjoy.

What are three things most people don’t know about you?

3. I don’t eat breakfast or a snack often.

How would your perfect Saturday be? A hot Saturday in September starting with watching Knox play a match of flag football. Then come home and grill burgers and play pool volleyball.

End the afternoon grilling a big steak and watch a Notre Dame football game in the evening and play Sorry with my wife and son.

Who inspires you to be better? When you have a child or children, you want to set an example for them.


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