14 ghost decorations for Halloween to buy and make yourself


If you are ready to ghost the house and make it boo-tiful, then you need these ghost Halloween decorations to fully decorate your garden and living spaces. Kids love to throw a sheet over their heads and sneak up and down the halls pretending to be haunting. So they’ll be excited to try these ghost products and crafts in October, and most of the supplies needed for the creation process are items you already have on hand.

When I think of ghosts I see Casper’s friendly face, but ghosts are said to be lost souls who haunt homes or lives because they left this earth with unfinished business. While your kids might not be ready for the menacing version of these spirits, there are plenty of friendly and decently spooky performances that add more fun to the holidays for them instead of fear and nightmares.

But if you’re not smart or don’t have the extra time, there are many styles of ghosts you can buy from Party City, Amazon, etc. And children can still be included. They have a choice of glowing ghosts, hanging ghosts, and even ghost acorns. And feel free to modify these DIYs as you like.

Whether it’s handmade or store bought, you’ll be ready to let the haunting begin!

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Hanging ghosts

This three hanging ghosts from Amazon would be a cool addition to your Halloween festivities. Each ghost comes with a string attached to the top, making it easy to assemble. And due to the durable material, it is suitable for hanging outdoors. The three different faces – scared, laughing, and a stitched smile – give a certain variety of personality, not only to your family, but also to your passing neighbors and cheaters. The best part is the foldable arms. Your children will enjoy performing them in different poses. Ghosts can look like they are pointing, flying, or whatever a child’s imagination comes up with.


Ghost pillow decor

A ghost shaped pillow is an adorable piece of Halloween decoration. This one is topped with pom poms and has a “boo” ghost face, but it’s the cutest thing! It’s a flagship item of Gardin Road, especially since the fabric (55% linen and 45% cotton) is easy to clean – a necessity for parents. One review says the pillow is “a perfect addition to my non-spooky Halloween decorating theme.” And many customers say it’s bigger than expected. If you like it, grab it, because this pillow is an exclusive Gardin Road product. Although this is a ghost, it will be a happy piece to add to your sofa.


Ghost Yard Stakes

There is something about these Ghost Yard LED piles from Oriental Trading which makes them look like a choir. I seriously don’t think they’ll scare anyone, but they definitely bolster the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve.. And they are also fun to watch. This is a three-piece outdoor set that lights up when the sun goes down, but you can also twinkle the lights to add a bit of dread to the trio. A review of this product says, “I love these little ghosts! I have them at the end of my driveway, the best part is the timer function so I don’t have to run every night to turn them on and off! I am very happy with them! “


Wind ghosts

If you have cans, white paint, markers, hot glue, twine or twine, and white ribbons, you have everything you need to make wind sock ghosts. The best part for kids is watching their creations float in the wind, and here’s how:

– Paint the pots white

– Cut your ribbons and glue or tape them from the bottom of the box

– Draw the ghost faces with the markers on the front of the box

– Hang up your ghost ship


Fringed phantom

The happiest ghost in the neighborhood should go this way ghost fringe decoration. It is made of aluminum foil and polyester and measures 8×16 inches. Kids will probably want to run their fingers through the bangs because… hello? Who wouldn’t? I call this the happy ghost because he has the biggest smile and sappy oval eyes that make you feel all mushy. He has two cute little hands and is holding a black bat in one of them. And that’s only $ 3! So if you want to fill your house with the happiest ghosts ever, go and get a few.


Ghost acorns

If you are not in the mood for anything and want a painless project, this ghost pom pom garland calls out choose me! The Party City product comes with 10 hanging tassel ghosts and each face has the same ghostly expression. The garland is 3/4 of a foot long and the tassels are 5 inches. Not everyone likes fully decorated front yards and turning their house into a haunted house. If your Halloween mood is more low-key, this garland will suit your mood perfectly. It’s a sweet piece to add to a hallway or hang on your child’s walls. Get a little crazy, get two!


Tissue paper ghost


It’s time to have fun with tissue paper! All you need are cotton balls, white tissue paper, small rubber bands, and a permanent marker.

Here’s how you prepare them:

– Place the cotton balls in the center of the tissue paper

– Gather the paper around the balls to shape the head

– Tie the elastic at the neck

– Color circles and an oval to create the face

Kids can do as much as they want and put their little ghosts in different places around the house!


Plastic bag ghosts

The trick to this decoration is to do less! You need three things: a Sharpie, scissors, and large white Glad garbage bags with handles. Before unrolling your bag, draw your big oval eyes and ghost mouth with the Sharpie. Then you will remove the bag and cut some jagged bangs at the bottom. You might want to cut them shorter, but you can determine the length based on where you want to hang your ghosts, which is the next and final step. Hang them from a tree, your porch, or the perfect spot for them on your lawn and enjoy!


Stacked ghost boxes


Some of these ideas are so cool and simple that you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of them before, and this is one of them. Stop throwing away your Amazon boxes as soon as possible as they will come in handy for this DIY project. You will need boxes of several sizes and a marker. Use the marker to draw the faces of your ghosts and make them happy, sad or scary. Your choice! Then choose a corner of the house or a covered area outside to expose your haunting guests. This project will be your favorite genre because it requires so little effort. Your family can accommodate three new ghost friends, and you should definitely let the kids pick names for them.


Gallon Ghosts

This DIY is as homemade as an apple pie and I love it! Start saving your jugs of milk and sweet tea to make these really cool ghosts. You only need three items: gallon jugs, a permanent marker, an Exacto knife, and LED string lights.

– Clean your jugs and peel off the labels

– Draw funny and scary ghosts on all your faces

– Cut a square at the bottom of the pitcher

– Put LED string lights inside

These will look sweet brightening up your garden, especially on Halloween night.


JOYIN Halloween LED Ghost Outdoor Lanterns

I’ve never seen ghosts with so much attitude or daring, but there you go! Those outdoor ghost lanterns Amazon outperforms typical white ghosts. Everyone has a different expression and their own style, colorful witch hat and socks with shoes, and they light up too. All the bright colors attract you and the personality catches your attention. Children will have so much fun watching them. An enthusiastic customer commented on this product: “Ghosts are so cute. Very well done and fun to put together. Can’t wait to be on Halloween so I can show them off.


Mason Jar Ghosts Lighting

You can decorate many places in your home with these mason jar ghost lights, including your porch. And this easy ghost craft is durable enough to last for a few years. Supplies include mason jars, white and black acrylic paint, foam paintbrush, fine-tipped paintbrush, and tea lights.

– Paint your pots with the foam brush and let them dry. It can be a thin layer so the light can shine through.

– Use black paint to make the ghost face of your choice.

– Put your tea light inside

Enjoy your illuminated ghost pot!


Ghost Bunting Printable

Here’s a craft made from a free printable called a ghost ghost. The sheet has four ghosts the size of a hand that your children can cut out. This craft is a winner when it comes to simplicity because besides printing and cutting there isn’t much else to do. Simply tie the ghosts to a string with duct tape or hot glue and place them on a door, mirror, or whatever area you want. For a little more light, you can add LED string lights near your ghosts.


Angry ghost

If you want to be a little scared with your ghost, but not too far, then this anger Giant Ghost Decoration of Party City is a safe medium. It measures 72 x 56 inches, is made of fabric and plastic, and costs just $ 10. This large room would be ideal outside your home, or even just behind the front door to scare away guests. Since the arms are flexible, you can pose your giant as if he is reaching out to the person staring at him. It also comes with a 4 ½ inch loop attached to its head. “These look awesome hanging from my trees on Halloween,” says one reviewer. Since the price is super decent, why not get more than one?

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