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Hammers, cordless drills, reciprocating saws, etc. , and hang a new light in the bathroom. While these unsung heroes may not have the notoriety of sexier power tools, they can be invaluable to DIYers. Coming up, check out some of the ingenious products that will help you renovate your home.

1. The Bucketeer Bucket Boss Tool Organizer


With its many different sized pockets, this tool bucket and belt combination is ideal for organizing and carrying the tools and supplies needed for the job. Plus, you can throw larger items, like a cordless drill or tether boxes, inside for easy transport. Simply load it up with all the tools you need, then pick it up by the handle and carry everything you need to the project location.

Get the Bucketeer on Amazon for $ 17.18

2. Flat crescent pry bar


With a versatile design that makes it capable of accommodating all kinds of cracks and crevices, it would be hard to find a better tool for pulling out old drywall or plaster from framing, or removing baseboards and moldings. Equipped with both a curved end and a hook end, this bar is made of two different types of levers in one, making it versatile enough to handle a variety of demolition jobs. Plus, nail pullers on both ends and on the body are invaluable for removing stubborn nails that remain after removing everything else.

Get the Crescent Flat Pry Bar on Amazon for $ 8.30

3. Shur-Line Paint Edger Pro


One of the most time-consuming parts of painting a room is the tedious and often frustrating process of edging around the ceiling and baseboards. This simple device, which consists of a pad attached to a plastic frame with two wheels on one side, speeds up treatment. There is a bit of a learning curve, but once you’ve figured out how much paint to put on its pad to get perfect coverage while still keeping its wheels clean, it’s a huge time saver and leaves a lot to be desired. straight line that gives a professional edge work look.

Get the Shur-Line Paint Edger Pro on Amazon for $ 8.66

4. Touch-up cup


Keeping small amounts of paint in 1-gallon paint cans that take up space in an already crowded basement or garage just to have the right paint color on hand for touch-ups is not a big deal. effective. This set of touch up mugs is a better option. Simply pour the paint into one of those 13-ounce mugs, seal it, label it, and store it for those future repairs. It’s significantly smaller than a gallon container, creates a better seal than a metal paint can, and even includes a mixing ball, so all you have to do is shake it up when touching up. .

Get the Touch Up Mug on Amazon for $ 14.98

5. Irwin Vise-Grip wire stripper


Whether you’re installing a ceiling fan, swapping an old switch for a new dimmer, or changing light fixtures, you’ll likely need to strip a few wires. While you can do this with a utility knife or even a pair of wire cutters, this tool, which can handle gauges ranging from 10 to 24, is a better option. This makes stripping the wires much easier while ensuring that you won’t strip any valuable copper wire along with the insulation.

Get the Irwin Vise-Grip wire stripper on Amazon for $ 21.98

6. NoCry Professional Knee Pads


Installing parquet and tile requires spending a lot of time on your knees. You can smile and put up with it, then limp long after the mortar and grout hardens, or you can protect your knees with this set of knee pads. Their soft gel core and EVA foam padding provide ample cushioning for your knees during long hours of spreading mortar and grout, while a thick poly shell prevents scratches and cuts.

Get NoCry Professional Knee Pads on Amazon for $ 24.99

7. Mayhew Select Handguard Cold Chisel


This chisel tool may seem harmless on its own, but combine it with a hammer and you have a cheap but effective way to remove old tiles or separate baseboards from the wall. This model features a hand guard and rubberized grip, so you can swing this hammer knowing you won’t miss or hurt your hand.

Get the Mayhew Select Handguard Cold Chisel on Amazon for $ 22.47

8. General Tools 140XL Telescopic Lavatory Wrench


Unless you plan on removing the entire sink to replace that dated bathroom or kitchen faucet, you will need one of these to reach the tight space behind the sink to loosen the valve mounting nuts. This lavatory wrench is telescoping, so you can adjust it to the right length to get to those hard-to-reach places, and has a spring-loaded ratchet end that makes it easy to grip the nut.

Get General Tools 140XL Telescopic Basin Wrench on Amazon for $ 16.64

9. Klein Tools Voltage Tester


This simple tool, which shows whether an electrical wire is live or not, is an absolute must-have for any DIYer considering changing out a light fixture, turning that standard light switch in the dining room into a dimmer or installing a ceiling fan. You really shouldn’t attempt any electrical work without one of these. This Klein model uses visual and audible indicators to let you know if a wire is carrying electricity.

Get the Klein Tools Voltage Tester on Amazon for $ 28.97

10. Edward Tools Paint and Mud Mixer


Of course, you can mix grout or cement by hand for this bathroom or kitchen tile project, but why would you do it when you can use this affordable device to turn any standard drill into a powerful concrete mixer. The end fits into the chuck of a corded or cordless drill to create what is equivalent to an electric mixer for concrete. Unless you’re looking to exercise your upper body while tiling the bathroom floor, this is a must-have tool for any job that involves mixing mortar.

Get the Edward Tools Paint and Mud Mixer on Amazon for $ 11.95

11. WC Chomp Wallpaper Marker

There are few things as tedious and laborious in the home improvement world as removing layer after layer of old wallpaper. Resist the temptation to paint or hang wallpaper over existing wallpaper. Instead, use this marker to get rid of that ugly floral design once and for all. Its steel cutting wheels are capable of slicing through multiple layers of wallpaper, creating an opening for the wallpaper stripper to penetrate and work its magic.

Get the WC Chomp Wallpaper Marker on Amazon for $ 11.97

12. Convenient paint mug


This simple and inexpensive but smartly designed paint bucket is a perfect companion for painting with a brush. The handle provides a secure and comfortable grip when painting with a brush, but that’s not its best feature. The magnet inside the mug gives you a convenient place to stick your wet brush when it’s time to take a break.

Get the Bercom Handy Paint Cup on Amazon for $ 2.97

The prices shown here are correct as of the date of publication October 29, 2021.

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