Business financial control worksheets and how to use them

An important tool for discovering the seasonality of the business, the sales financial spreadsheet should contain columns with the number of the sale made, the date it happened, the value, number of products and the name of the employee who made the sale. By creating the habit of recording all the sales made, you have access to important information about your business, such as number of sales per seller, average price of products and total sales number in a given period.

Customer Analytical Control Worksheet

Customer Analytical Control Worksheet

Having quick access to the customer’s purchase history is essential for the business owner. With the customer analytical control worksheet you have access to the last items purchased by the customer, value, form and term of payment etc. This spreadsheet can be both ally in checking who is in arrears and those who are constantly defaulting.

Cash control worksheet

Cash control worksheet

Negative cash flow is one of the big reasons for a company to go bankrupt. Therefore, daily posting of financial inflows and outflows helps you stay in control and know how much cash you will have in cash in the future. The cash control worksheet can not fail to have all the fixed costs (such as personal and administrative expenses) and pro-labore of the partners. The most common is the monthly control, but who prefers it weekly or every 15 days.

Purchase and Stock Control Worksheet

Keeping stock under control is essential to avoid missing or overspending items. To manage this important part of the company wisely, you have the help of a spreadsheet, which should contain indicators such as purchase requisitions, canceled purchases, delivery situation, stock number and sales. By analyzing these data it is possible to access the average stock and identify the opportunities that exist to increase the company’s sales.

Payment and Receipts Control Worksheet


An important tool for planning, the payroll and receipts worksheet is useful for observing what the business situation will be in the coming months or throughout the year. Through the worksheet, you can evaluate in which months the company will have more cash in the cashier and also if the revenues and expenses are balanced, since with the help of the tool it is possible to know how much will go into the cashier and how much will be variable and fixed expenses. Use the worksheet to find the break-even business, which is the indicator that shows how much you need to sell to make revenue equal to corporate costs. With the break-even point you can know at what point, from sales projections, your company will be matching the costs with the revenues. In the worksheet,

Corporate financial control sheet x management software

The corporate financial control worksheet conquer many managers for being a simple and free tool. However, those looking for agility and greater efficiency should consider replacing spreadsheets with management software. Benefits include mobility and easy access to information, greater data control, and broad business insight. Check-out:

Controlled access to data

Through the use of management software, you control who are the users who have access to the financial data of the company, and manage the editing capacity of each. This ensures the reliability of the information that is entered and also protects the strategic information of the company.

Ease of access to information and mobility

There is nothing worse than having access to a specific date and having to search through thousands of spreadsheets. With management software, you find all the information you need in one place, which facilitates the decision-making process and optimizes the operation. Mobility is another point in favor of financial management software. Because the system is online, it can be accessed from wherever you are and when you want. With this, you end up with the problem of having access to a data and spreadsheet that you need to be on another computer.

Broad business vision

As there is a specific worksheet for each area of ​​the business, the manager can often experience difficulty when he needs to have a vision of the whole: from payments and receipts to cash flow, to sales control. With management software, this problem no longer exists. When accessing the system, the entrepreneur has access to all financial information of his business and can even rely on the use of graphs and reports, which allow a quick analysis of the financial situation of the business, making day to day much easier and faster

The financial control worksheet is useful on certain occasions and stands out for its simplicity. However, if you seek agility and greater efficiency in the management of your company’s financial information, opt for management software and have the decision-making process facilitated.