Business financial control worksheets and how to use them

An important tool for discovering the seasonality of the business, the sales financial spreadsheet should contain columns with the number of the sale made, the date it happened, the value, number of products and the name of the employee who made the sale. By creating the habit of recording all the sales made, you have […]

Loan to account in a few minutes

Looking for an easy micro loan that you love? That is precisely what will be a loan on an account that does not involve any complex administration, the need to pay any fees in advance or spend a lot of extra time. Yes, it is a matter of minutes, everything is done over the Internet, […]

Quick Loan for Business

Managing your own business brings great benefits in realizing your own dream. You can better manage your time and energy, as well as your finances. Unfortunately, today’s times are not always in favor of fair dealing and many of the contracted deals collapse at the last minute like a house of cards. Guilt may not […]

Should We Invest In 2018 In Housing or Land?

Investing in housing or land has always been profitable in the long run. However, it is necessary to know that the two investments are different. The areas within the borders of the municipality, which are parceled by the municipality and which have permission to build buildings, are called land. Zoned areas that do not have […]

New Business on the Internet

We know that many people still have doubts when it comes to taking CNPJ from a new company, especially on the internet. To make it simple, we’ll introduce you step by step so that you can request to issue your CNPJ over the internet in a simple and practical way. Keep following! The National Register […]

Business ideas with Personal Loan

Entrepreneurship is growing by leaps and bounds in Mexico. But, just as there are great success stories, we also find business ideas that have become a failure. And, although many people believe it is a matter of luck, there is a substantial difference between the businesses that succeed and those that do not. Basically the […]

The Crowdfunding Real Estate: a new business that pays in dollars

The new modality points to millennials. Returns, in dollars, can reach 30%. How the new way of making money with real estate works. The real estate investment market is always tempting. But it would be fair to say that it has not advanced much in terms of technology. Now a new company is looking to […]